Invented in 1989 by Andrew Dice Clay, Club Soda Kenny is a Praetorian who is dependable and steadfast in any situation. A retired Police Detective Sergeant, Club Soda Kenny knows how to get the job done right.

Here are his specialties: Celebrity, Executive, VIP, Dignitary & Close Protection, Event Security, Venue Security, Tour Security, Security Consulting, Risk / Threat Assessment, Criminal & Civil Investigations, Case Review / Consulting, Surveillance, Protective Intelligence / Social Media Monitoring, Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Investigations, Background Investigations, Child Custody / Marital Investigations, Missing Persons Investigations, Locate Witnesses, Interviews / Statement Taking, Tour Management, Personal Assistance & Travel Arrangements / Logistics.

For All Your Celebrity, Personal and Corporate Needs.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

Here, in no particular order is what some notable people have said about him:

  • “Club Soda Kenny is one of the kindest guys I have the pleasure of knowing. I would put all of my trust in him watching my golf clubs.” – Rich Vos
  • “Formidable. Thank god he likes me.” – Michelle Caputo
  • “Club Soda Kenny has consistently added funny everywhere he’s been.” – Lenny Marcus
  • “There is no one better than Club Soda Kenny when it comes to keeping you safe.” – Mandy Stadtmiller
  • “Club Soda Kenny is not trying to make friends, he’s trying to do the job he was hired to do.” – Rick Matthews
  • “Club Soda Kenny provides security with both efficiency and kindness.” – Jenny Hutt